Mr. Antropology 2010
at Puerto Vallarta gay strip club Anthropology
101 Morelos street local 3-A, Plaza Rio Cuale
in Downtown - el Centro Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
one-half block north of the Cuale River

Friday April 23, 2010 at 9pm

1st prize 5000 pesos
2nd prize 3500 pesos
3rd prize 1500 pesos

Eighteen hot and hunky Mr. Antropology contestants ended up competing
and some of these Puerto Vallarta strippers are pictured below.
Photos thanks to Jose Gonzalez.

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Mr. Anthropology 2010 contestant Leon
Obviously some of the best strippers and hottest guys in Puerto Vallarta

winners mr. antropology stripper contest april 2010
the winners of Mr. Antropology 2010: #1 Moises in middle
with Alejandro and Elvis, left and right, tied for 2nd place

gay strip bar antropology winners 2010
Alejandro, Moises #1, Jose G. club owner, Elvis




top gay strip bars in mexico
sexy dancer at one of the top gay strip clubs in Mexico

anthropology 2010 stripper contestant damian
super-sexy Damian

Alejandro, Moises and Elvis

mr. antropology winners alejandro, moises and elvis

top 3 at Puerto Vallarta gay strip bar Anthropology contest

contestant and local PV, Mexico friends

Mr Anthropology contestants puerto vallarta gay mexico
some of the 18 handsome contestants

judges for the Puerto Vallarta gay strip club contest

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