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Galleria Dante Art Gallery

South Side / Romantic Zone - 269 Basilio Badillo
Tel: 322-222-2477, Cell: 322-150-5148
From the US or Canada: 1-425-219-7659

The Dante art gallery specializes in original works by contemporary sculptors
and recasts of well-known bronze statues, as well as quite alarge collection of paintings.

After meeting in Vallarta in 1986, Claire and Joe Guarniere, inspired by Dante and Beatrice and their mutual love of Italy,
began their family business in 1988 with an Italian restaurant called Pizza Joe and a small classical art gallery.
In 1995, their passion for art outweighed the long hours in the restaurant business so they opened Galleria Dante,
which is now the largest and most eclectic fine art gallery in Puerto Vallarta.

Exhibiting the works of more than 60 artists,
from emerging to well established museum artists (both painters and sculptors).
Of these artists some 90% are Mexican-born, including:
Hector Armendariz, Gabriel Colunga, Jorge Coste, Rogelio Diaz, Gloria Elies, Yvan Genest,
Guillermo Gomez, Efren Gonzalez, Ginger Grasley, Ignacio Guerrero,
Jean-Gabriel Lambert, Juan Carlos Navarro, Ana Tatya Neri, Francisco Quintero,
Adi Rivera, painter Oscar Solis, sculptor Alvaro Zardoni, and Francisco Xavier Zepeda

An eclectic and interesting collection by Claire and Joe Guarniere,
two of the more respected members of the local art community.

Since 1995.
Includes an lovely outdoor painting and sculpture garden with fountains.

In my estimation among the most vibrant and best of all Puerto Vallarta art galleries,
Check out their Galleria Dante Facebook page.

Galleria Dante (website) opening night showings during the winter months, 6pm-10pm.
Closed off-season summer months Jun 1-Oct 1, and by appointment only.

Hours of operation: Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm; Sat, 10am-2pm

A nice shot of the interior of the Dante gallery showing paintings and bronze statues. Photo thanks to David G.


Photos thanks to my friend Claire and lovely folks at the Galleria Dante, trip advisor, yelp and several other contributors



Always together/Siempre juntos by Hector Armendariz, Oil on canvas. Dimension: 102 X 152 cm.
Hector is one of the prominent artists displaying his work at the Dante, and is considered one of the top artists in Mexico.
Hector Armendariz Martinez was born in the state of Chihuahua
and is a traditional artist whose academic training brings together both the rigor of classic expression

and the magic of symbolic representation.

His work combines a sense of the mystic with subtle eroticism.
While accepting the finality of the past, this artist gives us a vision of the future

Equus II, by Jorge Coste. Medium: bronze. Dimension: 72 x 49 x 24 cm


"Their collection is magnificent, a kalaidascope of art in many different mediums.
Having made a purchase their I can assure you Claire and her team will make sure your
purchase arrives at it's destination in perfect condition."
- Florrie Hutchinson McCallum, December 2019

Lovely free-spirited piece at the Galleria Dante in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Photo thanks to Yelp and by Omar S, November 2019

Galeria Dante interior photo thanks to Andre Gauthier, January 2017

"Love Claire and her entire collection. We have a goal now to return to PV
to buy something from Claire as frequently as possible.
I'm a huge fan of Kiki Smith and Louise Bourgeiose and she has so much that
touches my soul in the same way. Thank you!"
- Maureen Dummigan White


Music with soul / Musica con alma, by Gabriel Colunga. Medium: Bronze, Dimension: 55 x 24 x 14 cm

The inner courtyard at the Galleria Dante displaying some of their fine bronze art work and statues
Photo thanks to Alexander Mahabir, October 2016

A Strange World / Un Mundo Raro by Ignacio Guerrero, Acrylic on canvas. Dimensions: 120 X 150 cm.
Born in Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco in 1963, he studied graphic design and is self-taught.
His interest in drawing and painting led him to change advertising agencies
where he worked for the easel and canvas. Surrealism is the touchstone of Guerrero's work
in which color takes on particular significance. This painting is his humble tribute to the imagination of artists in the history of painting,
where he took various elements from their most famous works. He has participated in several exhibitions.


Paintings hung along the outside inner courtyard. Photo thanks to David G at Yelp, June 2016


"Super friendly staff with amazing artwork.
When you're in Puerto Vallarta and if you are an art lover it is a definite go to.
Will be back to buy some additional art from them...."
- Marie H., June 2021


"Abby" by Ana Tatya Neri
Mixed media on canvas, Dimension: 30 X 30 cm
Born in 1985 in Jalisco, Mexico to Mexican/Canadian Parents, and later adopted by an Italian father.
She started painting at the age of eight, studying under the tutelage of artists, first from New York and Boston
and then later studied at the University of British Columbia in Canada.
Ana Tatya's work "focuses primarily on the non-existent, imaginary and imperfect."

Artist Efren Gonzalez at work in the Galleria Dante sculpture garden, preparing for his show in December 2019.
Gonzalez was born and lives today still in Ajijic, Jalisco
His paintings are intensely alive, full of color, meaning and insights into Mexico
Gonzalez is a prodigious painter in all media: watercolor, pastel and acrylic, but oil is his preferred medium


"One of the most beautiful and well organized variety of talent of any gallery I've been to on
my many travels. I have taken people here that are not excited about art or evening and they are always
blown away and so please for the experience.
A must see for all who Love art or just like to experience something fantastic."
- Sheila Danny Beal




"Gladiolas to be glad" by Ute Hagen, Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Dimension: 80 x 60 cm

Rembrandt, by Oscar Solis. Medium: Oil on canvas. Dimension: 50 X 40 X 4 cm
Oscar Solis was born in Apatzingan, Michoacan in 1958. He started sketching and coloring as a youth,
excelling in the drawing classes at his primary and secondary schools.
As a teen, he knew he wanted to become a painter....




Nice representation of some of the art and sculptures at the Dante gallery.
Picture thanks to Jean Paul Bouliane, January 2020

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