Gay Puerto Vallarta Condos MDA


Puerto Vallarta Condo Rental Agreement for the MDA-1001, MDA-1002, MDA-PH3 (penthouse 3), MDA-PH-6 (penthouse 6) beach-front three bedroom condominiums

Forms of payment: Personal checks, cashier check of official bank check, money wire transfer or use of Paypal (with a 3% surcharge). In some cases, the checks must be payable directly to the owners. Their names and any needed information will be supplied upon confirmation. Some properties may only accept a money wire transfer; this is the client responsibility. In most cases credit cards are not accepted since we are dealing directly with homeowners that might not be set up to take credit cards.

Service: It is the duty of the Owner to provide the following services with respect to the Property: running water, gas and 3 maid services during the week (except Sundays and Mexican holidays). If any of the services are interrupted for reasons beyond the Owner’s control, Guest will have no claim for damages or discounts. The price does not include the grocery, the food, wine, liqueur and beverage. The monthly rental price do NOT include electricity

Late Arrival: If the Guest arrives on a later date than the ARRIVAL DATE stipulated in this contract, then Guest shall have no right to extend the stay beyond the DEPARTURE DATE.

CANCELLATION: Unless otherwise stated, the cancellation policies are firm and as follow. Once a property is taken off the public calendar the money received is NOT REFUNDABLE. In the event the property is rented for the exact same period and for the exact same price by our agency, you will receive a full refund, less a non-refundable cancellation fee of 500.00 USD.

GUEST DUTIES: The Guest agrees to take care of the property and use it as a residence only. The Guest shall observe and respect all other rules established by the Owner. The Guest may not sub-lease or re-rent the Property. The maximum number of people allowed in the unit is six (6) people including children. In case the Guest wishes to introduce more people into the property he will immediately notify the Owner through Puerto Vallarta Villas/Discovery Vallarta-Michael J. Mayo and be subject to any additional charges that apply. If Guest fails to notify the Owner or Puerto Vallarta Villas/Discovery Vallarta-Michael J. Mayo  of his intent to bring in more people to the Property, the Guest will have to leave The Property immediately, without any refund, including security Deposit.

Pets: Under no circumstances will pets be permitted on any property unless agreed upon in writing by Owners.

Responsibilities / Disclaimer: The Guest shall be responsible for the conduct of any minors accompanying the Guest or who shall be invited onto the property and shall hold the property owner and Discovery Vallarta/Puerto Vallarta Villas harmless and indemnify the property owner and Discovery Vallarta-Michael J. Mayo/Puerto Vallarta Villas against any damage or injury suffered to or caused by such minors. Neither the owners or representatives including Discovery Vallarta-Michael J. Mayo, of any properties will be held responsible for injury, loss, or damage to any person or property of persons occupying the rental property. The rights, if any, of a person occupying the property, or invitees of such person, to assert a claim or seek recourse against any property owner, sales representatives, agents for any injury to the person or property of such person shall be governed by the laws of Mexico and determined exclusively in and by the courts of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco having proper jurisdiction. The property owners and/or their representatives shall under no circumstance be responsible for any disturbance or inconvenience to guests occupying the property, due to actions of its neighbors or surrounding areas. Puerto Vallarta Villas and/or Discovery Vallarta-Michael J. Mayo and/or the property owners cannot be held liable in the event of acts of god, omission of supplier (property owner, air carrier, ground transportation, household staff) who does not render service or accommodations.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: The mandatory refundable security deposit in the amount of $1,500 USD (Fifteen hundred dollars) will be held by Owner up to 30 DAYS after departure and only after the property inventory and phone bill. If
there no missing items and no damage to the premises and inventory then the security deposit shall be totally
reimbursed to the Guest within 7-10 days of when the complete absence of debts is verified, until then the Landlord shall retain the security deposit. Both parties agree that the present contract and any other document attached to it can be countersigned separately by each of the parties and transmitted via fax. It is agreed between the parties that Guest shall be responsible for all legal or settling expenses that may be generated in case of a breach of this agreement by Guest.
SECURITY DEPOSIT INSURANCE: In lieu of the $1,500.00 USD refundable security deposit, the client may purchase damage insurance. $69.00 USD security deposit insurance will give up to $3,000 USD (Three thousand dollars) coverage. Both parties agree that the present contract and any other document attached to it can be countersigned separately by each of the parties and transmitted via fax. It is agreed between the parties that Guest shall be responsible for all legal or settling expenses that may be generated in case of a breach of this agreement by Guest.

Notice on all Reservations: A $25.00 USD (Twenty-five American dollars) CASH will be collected upon check-in for each key set and/or key cards required by the renters, and returned at check-out once the key sets and/or key cards have been returned. If any of the key sets and/or key cards are not returned or lost, the deposit will not be refunded and will be used for the replacement of the key sets and/or keycards.

Reservations are not confirmed until a 50% deposit of entire rental fee is received. The balance of the rental is required no later than 65-70 days prior to the first day of the rental period. If a security deposit for phone and damages is required, it is due with the final payment.

By signing this agreement, the Guest agrees to cancellation policies and and all other stipulations as stated on our web site and/or brochure for each individual property. The Guest acknowledges having viewed, understood and accepted the Discovery Vallarta web site including cancellation policies.

Properties for Sale. The rental property might be listed for sale by the OWNER. The RENTER agrees to allow the property to be shown by the OWNER’S representative with a 24 hour notice. The OWNER however guarantees the RENTER’S contract and it will be honored even in the event of a property sale.

Travel/Medical cancellation insurance is available, at extra cost, through our office; ask about the Travel Guard travel/medical cancellation insurance if you wish. We suggest purchasing this protection. Do you want insurance? (initial ____) Yes No

TRAVEL TIPS: Foreign travelers are responsible for obtaining proper documents for traveling to/in Mexico and to return to their countries of residence. Be sure to verify with your air carrier/transportation provider for any required documents. You may also check with your local Mexican Consulate. United States and Canadian citizens MUST have a
valid passport to re-enter their countries. Other nationalities might have other requirements, for a list of countries and regions for which a visa is required to travel to Mexico,
please visit

There may be certain additional requirements on traveling into Mexico with minors, especially if only one parent is traveling. See your Mexican Consulate, for adirectory of Mexican Embassies and Consulates visit The Mexican Consulate in San Francisco's telephone number is (415) 392-554. Please be advised that Mexican laws are strictly enforced and are very severe. Mexican authorities have zero tolerance for drug offenses, prostitution, drunkenness in public, DUI, and unauthorized weapons, among other crimes.
Any guest using or possessing drugs or unauthorized weapons, or allowing prostitution, or committing or abetting the commission of any other crime under Mexican law will be removed immediately from the premises and the local authorities will be contacted. Any rent moneys, including deposits, will be forfeited. Please understand that these policies are for the protection of guests and property owners alike. Mexico is very strict in enforcing its laws and the Mexican prison environment is very harsh. Furthermore, under Mexican law, the accused is guilty until s/he proves
her/his innocence. The undersigned Guest acknowledges and accepts that s/he is responsible for the actions of his/her invitees and for ensuring that all persons occupying the rental property have read and will abide by this rental
agreement, Mexican laws, and the rules and policies set forth in its web site at all times.

The Parties submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the tribunals of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco for the interpretation and enforcement of this contract, expressly waving any other jurisdiction that by reason of their nationality or domicile may now or in the future correspond. This Agreement is executed in English (there is a Spanish version available) both versions shall bind the parties hereto and both shall constitute one and the same agreement; provided, however, that in case of doubt as to the proper interpretation of this agreement, the Spanish version shall prevail.
Having ascertained the absence of mistake, fraud, or bad faith and verifying that this agreement expresses their will, the Primary Renter Grant Peterson signs this contract on September _____, 2011.

Please sign attached page and forward original to our office.


Signature of guests (Primary renter) _________________________________ Date________

Print name: _________________________________

Phone number: _________________________________

Other information:

Names of all renters. List group contact first:
Name (Last, First Nationality Age (if under 21)











Flight information (if you don't have this information now, please notify us in writing with the final payment or at least 2 weeks prior to arrival)

Airline:                Flight #                Arrival date:                Arrival time:

Airline:                Flight #                Departure date:              Departure time:

United States/Canada Emergency contact information of one guest at home:

Name:                                                 Relationship:

Phone:                                Fax:                                 Email:

Please complete the above form and you can send it in an email as a pdf attachment or fax with signatures to me at 011-52-322-222-0092 and care of Michael J. Mayo as this is a public fax.

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