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Condominio Vallarta 399 - V399 Condominium Policies
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Condominio Vallarta 399 - Condominiums V399
Rules and Regulations for Non-Owners

A. General
1. Condominio Vallarta 399, “V399”, is a private residential building and should not be construed to be a resort or hotel. The staff is not available for private or guest services during their regular work schedule.
2. These rules incorporate the regulations as detailed in the bylaws of Condominiuo Vallarta 399, the V399. This document is not all inclusive. For additional information, please refer to the V399 condo regimen.
3. Noise within a unit and in the common areas, including the lobby, courtyard and terrace, must be kept to a minimum level especially between the hours of 11pm-9am.
4. Guests must be registered at the front desk and accompanied by an occupant at all times.
5. Moral behavior and respect for others is expected at all times. Nudity and sexual exhibitionism visible to others is prohibited.
6. Smoking is not allowed in the common areas.
7. Setting glasses and all other items, which might fall off terrace railing or throwing smoking material and other items from a terrace is hazardous to the occupants below and strictly prohibited.
8. V399 is not responsible for damage or loss of any personal property.

B. Non-Owner Occupancy and Registration
1. With the exception of when the owner is present, the number of non-owner occupants residing in a unit is limited to 2 adults in a studio unit; 4 adults in a one-bedroom unit; and 6 adults in a two-bedroom unit for a minimum of three consecutive nights.
2. Non-owner occupants must register with Security or the Administrator upon their arrival by providing the dates of occupancy, name, age, city and state of residence of the responsible party and the names of all other occupants. The Administrator and/or Security will deny access to the premises if these requirements are not satisfied.

C. Terrace Rules – 7th Floor
1. The terrace hours are from 8am until 12am, Sunday through Saturday. Even though the terrace remains open until midnight, quiet hours from 11pm-9am must be observed.
2. Use of the pool and Jacuzzis is at one’s own risk. Jacuzzi covers must be fully removed before use and replaced afterwards. No lifeguard or attendant is on duty. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
3. Proper swim attire is required in the pool and in the Jacuzzis. Nudity is prohibited at all times.
4. Furniture cannot be reserved. Furniture is for use on a first come, first served basis. Furniture should not be moved around on the rocks as this causes damage to the membrane underneath.
5. Behavior and excessive noise on the terrace that lessens the enjoyment of others in the area or disturbs the occupants of units nearby is not permitted.
6. The BBQ area must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance through the Administrator.
7. Glass and other breakable objects are not allowed in or near the pool or Jacuzzis. Eating and drinking are not allowed inside the pool or Jacuzzis.
8. Non-owners may host a maximum of two guests, while in attendance, in the common areas. Prior authorization is needed from Administration in order to host a larger number of guests.
9. Personal items and garbage must be removed when leaving the terrace.
10. Any terrace/pool rules shown on terrace signage must also be complied with.
11. Pets are not allowed on the terrace.

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D. Parking
1. Parking spaces cannot be used as storage or leased separately from the unit.
2. Vehicles must be parked in the designated space of the occupied condo unit and kept in operable condition.
3. In case of an emergency or a vehicle is parked in an unauthorized space and the owner is unavailable, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.

E. Exterior Appearance
1. Under no circumstances can occupants take away from the uniform aesthetics of the building by hanging anything from railings, balconies, windows and doors such as towels, banners, signs, lights or advertisements. Exterior facing curtains must be neutral in color.
2. Personal items cannot be stored in the common areas.

F. Pets
1. Pets must be on a leash and under the control at all times in the common areas. Pets are not allowed on the 7th floor terrace.
2. Pet waste must be picked up immediately and disposed of properly.
3. If the Administrator receives written complaints from three separate owners about the same pet within a 30 day period, the pet will have to leave the building.

G. Enforcement & Penalties
1. Non-owners violating these rules may incur financial penalties against the occupied unit and are subject to eviction from the building for more severe or continued violations.

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